Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Ireland

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Ireland – YOUNG drivers almost always get higher premiums when it comes to car insurance due to their age and lack of experience.

Prices often rise so much that it is common for new drivers to spend more on insurance than they do on the motor.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Ireland

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Ireland

The amount you pay for insurance depends on many factors, from where you live to where you keep the car and even what you do for a living – but if you’re young , age will always be a factor.

New Driver Ni

And the best way to keep your price as low as possible if you are new to the road is to choose the right car.

All vehicles have insurance rates attached to them, and these engines have the lowest insurance rates on the market.

With the average young driver paying around £2,000 a year in insurance, one of these cars should see you paying around half that figure.

With insurance group 1E (the cheapest insurance group), the Studio version of the 1.2 TiVCT 70 hp is one of the cheapest cars on the market.

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Japanese automaker Micra comes with a lot of safety equipment and customization options, making it an attractive low insurance car.

If you opt for the 1.0-liter, 71 hp gasoline engine, you can choose from several trim levels, all of which have the 1E insurance package.

The model also comes in 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6-litre engine sizes, as well as a 1.5-litre diesel but this will increase your insurance slightly.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Ireland

Volkswagen’s Polo is one of the best small cars on the market, with good build quality and plenty of creature comforts.

Young Driver Car Insurance

For those who choose the 1.0-liter, 65 hp engine, you can have it in S, SE or Beats trim as long as you stay in insurance group 1E.

If you are happy with the SE trim, you can also have the 75hp version in the same line.

And while the base model doesn’t come with many bells and whistles, even splurging on some optional extras won’t put the price over your budget.

Although it only has two seats, the ForFour has room for four, with two sets of doors but an even smaller size.

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Up! It’s Volkswagen’s smallest car, but it’s a big city car with plenty of style behind the wheel.

If you specify the 1.0-litre, 60bhp engine, you can have a three-door or five-door model in Move or Take trims without missing out on the affordable 1E insurance package.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Ireland

It also comes in three different turbocharged variants – but expect to pay more for your insurance if you choose one of these. It’s no surprise that younger, younger drivers pay more for car insurance. A young driver’s lack of experience and limited driving history could be dangerous for car insurance companies to insure, which is why they charge more for new driver insurance. But what does a new driver pay? We’ve crunched the numbers to break down the cost of UK car insurance for an 18-year-old driver in England by capital city, so you know what you can expect to pay​​​​ based on where you live. The rate will be the same for 17 and 19 year olds.

Cheapest Place In Ireland For Car Insurance

If price is your priority, you might choose one of the cheapest plans available to you. The team collected more than 400 young driver insurance policies in 10 English cities, and calculated that the average price for affordable comprehensive cover for an 18-year-old driver was £1,752 a year. But the rates varied widely by region, with young drivers in Liverpool, Birmingham, Bradford and Manchester spending more than £2,000 a year. Young drivers in Sheffield and Bristol pay the least in our survey, at just over £1,100 a year. This means that young drivers in some areas are paying almost 2X as much as young drivers in other areas.

Between the high cost of insurance and the average driver spending over £1,000 on driving lessons (at a cost of £23 per driving lesson hour), being a young driver is not cheap.

To find out how much a young driver would typically pay for car insurance, we took the example of an 18-year-old male driver with a full UK license who drives a 2016 Ford Fiesta, the most popular in the UK. accumulated values. (For more information on how insurance costs vary by car make and model, see our article, What’s the most popular car insurance cost in the UK?) Our total for a London-based driver, Birmingham, Live Leeds, over 400 offers. , Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle and Sunderland, driving less than 5,000 miles a year. Values ​​include courtesy car, breakdown, personal accident and legal cover. Responses were collected from plans from the following auto insurance companies:

The guidelines on this site are based on our analysis and are intended to help you identify and narrow down your options. We do not advise or tell you which products to buy; do your due diligence before entering into any contract. Read our full statement here.

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There is no way to tell, without contacting a broker, how much your insurance will cost. So contact us today to find out. There is no obligation to buy, and we will help you find the paper you need.

Of course, the answer is “how long is a piece of wire”. There are simply too many factors to consider. Insurance for a first time driver can cost anything between €600 and €10,000. It’s definitely the latter, so read on to find out what influences this whole thing.

Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers Ireland

First, your age affects your car insurance premium. When you enter your personal information to get a quote on your car insurance, every insurance provider will ask how old you are. This is not just for marketing purposes: age is one of the main factors of evaluation for car insurance.

Top 10 Cheapest Cars To Insure For Young Drivers

Since anyone can start driving at any stage in life, age matters when it comes to car insurance. This is because, as unfair as it may seem, young people under the age of 25 may have to pay for car insurance because they are in a high-risk group. According to statistics, young drivers under the age of 25 pay more for their car insurance due to their increased likelihood of an accident. In addition, statistics from the Road Safety Authority show that the majority of drivers killed in road accidents in 2017 are between the ages of 16 and 25.

Also, your address has a big impact on how much you pay for car insurance. Actuaries look for crime statistics for your area, and if you live in an area with a high rate of car theft, this could affect your insurance. The more claims there are in your area, the higher the risk.

To get insurance, you need a full driving licence. A designated driver’s experience will help your case, so getting your name on someone else’s policy will help keep costs down. Unfortunately, registered driver experience does not count if you have a fleet policy, the type that many employers offer.

It doesn’t matter whether your conviction is for motoring or non-motoring offences, it will affect your car insurance. Professional convicted motorist insurance is available for drivers who have been convicted or have pending charges. However, we can help you find the best car insurance in these situations.

Learner Or First Time Owner? Car Insurance Explained.

If you’ve lost your license or started from scratch, those old beliefs may come back to haunt you. With motor crime, especially if the conviction is within the last 5 years, it is more difficult to get insurance. That won’t stop most major insurers from invoicing you. Even if they explain, the price may be too high.

But there is good news! If you contact us, we can help you find a professional auto insurance provider that is likely to cover you.

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