Average Electric Car Insurance Cost

Average Electric Car Insurance Cost – We analyzed six of the most popular electric cars and found that the Hyundai Kona is the cheapest EV to insure, averaging $2,152 per year for a full insurance policy.

For models available with electric or gas engines, car insurance costs for an electric car are 25% higher than for a comparable scooter model.

Average Electric Car Insurance Cost

Average Electric Car Insurance Cost

We collected thousands of quotes for six of the best-selling electric cars and found that average annual insurance costs range from $2,152 to $4,725. The cheapest electric car covered is the Hyundai Kona crossover SUV and the most expensive is the Porsche Taycan, an electric sports car.

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Electric car insurance costs vary by insurance company. State Farm is the cheapest insurance company for electric cars. The average cost of State Farm insurance policies for the six most popular EVs is $1,434 per year.

A great way to find cheap car insurance for your electric vehicle is to collect quotes from several companies.

We compared three electric cars with their gas-powered counterparts to see how electric car insurance costs compare to gas-powered cars. All three cars we reviewed are available in gas and electric versions, and range from $13,000 to $25,000 MSRP.

Auto insurance for an EV is about 25% more expensive than the cost of a similar car with a gas engine.

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The closest to its petrol counterpart is the electric Chevy Spark. On average, if the premium for a gas-powered Chevy Spark is $1,000 a year, the premium for the electric version will be $1,190.

Insurance premiums are usually higher for electric vehicles because electric vehicles tend to cost more to buy. As a result, an electric vehicle will cost more to repair or replace after a car crash. One of the main reasons for the increase in vehicle prices is that electric vehicles have expensive, high-capacity batteries.

While they usually cost more to insure, there are financial benefits to an electric vehicle. For example, charging an electric car costs much less than refueling a car.

Average Electric Car Insurance Cost

One study found that an electric car owner would save an average of $3,000 to $10,500 in fuel costs over the life of the vehicle.

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Along with cheaper fuel costs, your electric vehicle may qualify for a tax credit of up to $7,500, depending on your income, the cost of your EV, and whether the car is made in the US or not.

Our analysis used coverage rate data from the Quadrant Information Service. Coverage rates have been made public from the register of insurance companies and should be used for comparative purposes only. Your actual rates may vary based on your location, age, driving record and other factors.

Coverage rates for six EV models come from thousands of quotes across Texas. To find out how insurance costs vary between electric and gas cars, we collected insurance quotes in New York state for three cars available in both electric and gas models. gas.

To get an insurance quote over the phone, call: (855) 596-3655 | Agents work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! As more and more insurers offer electric vehicle coverage, we look at what types of coverage these new electric vehicle policies offer, the benefits for policyholders, and how we can determine if there are potential benefits. Which insurance company? most common with a particular EV model.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car?

When I bought my first EV, in 2013, I couldn’t use price comparison sites to select and compare BMW i3 insurance carriers because the car was too new and there was no data to retrieve it. for him at that time. Not only that, relatively speaking, electric cars were almost new to the market at the time. Of course, the Nissan Leaf was on the market three years earlier and the G-Wizz 10 years before that, but EVs were covered based on purchase price, annual kilometers, zip code, and generally classified by insurance Existing fire vehicle data. . AXA was my insurance company at the time for my Saab 93 Aero 51 plate, so they gave me a starting point at a slightly higher price.

We continue to use price comparison sites to help us decide which insurance company to go with, based on price, type of coverage (conventional or third party), legal coverage or medical and rental cars, etc. And roughly the order of precedence. Now, as electric vehicles become more common, insurers are creating electric vehicle policies to provide an extra element of coverage for buyers’ peace of mind.

However, it is still not easy to manage policies when they are largely cost-based. How do you know which insurance company is most popular with other owners of the same electric vehicle model? You may have decided on a non-EV-specific insurance policy, based solely on cost worth, when others could have gotten a better deal because their policy offers coverage. special EV coverage that you never thought to check or where it shows up in the comparison search results. If you are unsure, follow up with the results by calling the insurance company. Then you can be sure you’re getting an EV policy that exactly fits your needs.

Average Electric Car Insurance Cost

Now, keeping that in mind, I should point out that electric vehicle manufacturers sometimes offer a few extra perks that may be worth double-checking before spending more than covered by the supplier. New electric vehicle insurance, especially if you’re buying new.

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Some manufacturers, such as BMW and Polestar, offer SOS rescue services to customers using their electric vehicles if they are running out of range, long distances from any charger. Others may offer a free vehicle if your EV is returned to them for repair. It’s wise to check this before you pull out a cover that you might be copying.

In all other cases (when they are buying a used EV or buying from less supportive manufacturers), insurers have developed special EV-specific plans with Some specific coverage factors, including:

Insurers are trying to normalize electric car ownership to give new buyers peace of mind.

As long as your insurance company provides you with protection for the vehicle you want to insure, EV auto insurance offers the same protections as standard car insurance, but with the same benefits. this additional benefit. The question here is: how much insurance do you want, and if you finance your EV, what are your lender’s terms? They usually require you to have comprehensive coverage, but may not require you to have specific electric vehicle insurance.

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As auto insurers collect more data, electric car insurance prices will start to get higher even with comparable burnouts. After all, there are fewer moving parts inside an electric car, and the increasing range of electric vehicles, as well as more charging points to prevent remote control problems – out of scope ‘. The battery warranty lasts 8-10 years or 100,000mi*, so the battery is usually covered unless you accidentally damage it (i.e. damage your EV).

It can be helpful to know the cost of electric vehicle insurance, which can be a bit expensive when you look at the advertised prices. But the price is based on many averages: the age of the driver, the unclaimed discount, the annual mileage, and finally the value of the car.

In my case I paid £445 for my 2018 BMW i3 94Ah (BEV) with Liverpool Victoria EV policy.

Average Electric Car Insurance Cost

So don’t be put off by promotional prices. Please always check online or call your insurance company.

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The only way to find out before is to join the forums, hope your questions go unanswered, and immerse yourself in the world of electric cars to find out what everyone else has in common. selected vehicle model.

But I’m currently using an EV product recommendation app based on EV owners’ actual products. Here is a link to my set of electric car results:

It allows electric vehicle owners to link their electric vehicles to power, insurance, and chargers, so you can see which products are most popular for that particular electric vehicle model. You can also put your referral code on the back of the products of your choice, so you can get all your referrals in one place. Then, at a glance, I can see popular insurers for any electric vehicle model under ‘Find a Car’, making it easier to find the best policy for my car. Electric vehicle enthusiasts tend to do their research very well, so the most common recommendation could be a shortcut to the right insurance company and you’ll benefit from their referral link. Drive another car and help save a few quids at once.

This article is not financial or insurance advice. Use your own research when deciding on an insurance company or seek independent financial advice and *check the condition and small print of the warranty paper of the vehicle you intend to buy.

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Enter it better. We’ll help you calculate the cost of making your next car an electric vehicle. https://.com The history of electric vehicles (EVs) goes back further than interiors

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